Mivision 16:10 Projector Screen With UltraThin Bezel Frame For LED TV Feel, With Black Diamond Screen Material

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What’s ALR screen? How does it work? Why is it so popular recently?

To help clear these confusion, here are some things to know:
1. The term “ambient light rejecting” or ALR, is a nomenclature in AV industry referred to a particular screen feature that prevents ambient light from washing out a projected image. In English, pictures projected on ALR screen will have solid color saturation and sparkling high contrast even in a well-lit room.
2.Ambient light includes – but is not limited to – light coming through windows, in wall/ceiling lights, lamps, candles, fireplaces, or even the light of your own video screen reflecting off light-colored surfaces in your room, and they will all impair the quality of your projected image.
3.ALR screens come in two basic types: “retro reflective” or “angular reflective.” The difference lie in the direction they reflect the image. And retro reflective ALR is the preferred format in high performance home theater applications.
4.There is no ALR screen that can reject 100% of ambient light.
5. To get the most out of your ALR screen, make sure you follow its installation instructions. Projector placement plays an important role in enhancing the ALR effect.


1. Product Name: ALR Led backlight Fixed Frame Screen

2. Screen Material: 8K Black Crystal ALR screen material

3. Gain: 1.2-1.5gain Viewing Angle: 180degree

4. Micro-thin 10mm aluminum black bezel

5. Excellent color fidelity, contrast enhancement, and brightness retention

6. 8K 4K Ultra HD, Active 3D and HDR Ready

7. Material stretches over frame for a permanently tight-tensioned flat surface

8. LED edge backlighting kit included with remote control for added visual appearance

9. Not compatible with Ultra short throw projector

10. 5 Years warranty


8K Black Crystal ALR screen material is an angular reflective front projection material designed to reject ambient light while maintaining superb picture quality. It is the perfect solution for rooms that have little or no control over incidental light. The 8K/4K Black Crystal ALR is superior to traditional white or gray materials in its ability to maintain a sharp, bright image regardless of ambient light.
Features & Benefits
· Gain: 1.2
· Viewing Angle: 180
· 88% polarization retention
· Angular-Reflective front projection material with ambient light rejecting technology
· Contrast enhancement over standard matte white surface
· 8K/4K Ultra HD and Active 3D Ready
· Polarized for Passive 3D applications
· Capable of improving brightness, color, and contrast under ambient light conditions
· Screen surface can be cleaned with mild soap and water
· Mildew Resistant

Projector Info

*Not compatible with ultra short throw projectors or edge-blending due to risk of hot spots
*Works best when the minimum throw distance is 1.5 times the width of the image
*The ambient light must never come from the same direction as your projector
*Install the projector so the projected light mirrors the reflected light with equal angles and is aligned at eye level for best results.


An ALR screen works by selectively reflecting light back to the audience. This effect is achieved by positioning the projector and screen in such a way that the projector's light is bounced towards the audience, while the other light in the room is reflected back in some other direction.

There are mainly four factors you need to consider before choosing the best screen size:
1. Projection Wall Dimensions
2. Projection Distance
3. Projector Brightness(Lumens)
4. Viewing Distance
Projector Brightness / Screen size*2 = Unit Brightness Index
eg: XGIMI H1S ( 1100 ansi) 100inches
***the higher the unit brightness index, the stronger the anti-light ability, the better the picture quality


Sharp colors and improved contrast, regardless of excess light

Our 8K Black Crystal/diamond ambient light rejection delivers near-perfect color accuracy in both high and low light conditions. The ambient light reflective coating of our black diamond screen contains millions of nanoparticles that reflect light back towards its source.

Multiple Layers of Light Rejection Technology all in One Screen

We’ve engineered our signature ALR material with multiple layers, offering you the best optical light rejection capabilities in the market. From the reinforced backing that blocks light from going out of the screen; to high reflectivity screen substrate, reflective nanoparticle treatment and smooth optic layer, all of your screen’s components ensure excess light is reflected while your content is enhanced and brightened.

The Perfect Picture – Regardless of the Environment

Our specially engineered ambient light rejection technology was developed to reject every bit of any off axis source of light, making your content appear crisp and sharp, even in brightly lit rooms. Ensuring excess light doesn’t disturb your viewing while still delivering your content with sharper colors and better contrasts.

Nanotechnology Engineered to Enhance Your Content

Scattered light is the reason your projections might not be looking as neat as you need them to. That’s why we’ve designed a screen material that incorporates reflective nanoparticles. These tiny particles reflect excess light, guaranteeing the only light you see is the one coming from your projector.

Integrated LED Back Lighting to Compliment Your Décor

Setting the mood has never been so easy. 8K Black diamond ALR fixed frame screens feature integrated LED backlighting, making it easy to pair it with your décor and make your content stand out even more. The high-density LEDs allow for a larger, smoother light aura than most of our competitors, even at the corners! The soft lighting will increase your content’s perceived contrast, making for a better viewing experience.

Dual Frame Structure. No Compromise on Form or Function

A great frame can take your content to the next level, so we’ve designed our frames as a key component of our top-notch screens. Our signature Dual Frame structure comprises two different frames: one frame holds the screen, supporting the Adaptive Twin Tensioning system and guaranteeing a perfectly flat surface. The other one incorporates the ¾” slim high-density black velour bezel.

Plush 2/5'' (10mm) Velour Wrapped Aluminum Frames

The aerospace-grade aluminum construction, in combination with the dual frame structure, means that the screen will not bend or bow under any circumstances. The 3/4″ frame is wrapped in high-density black velour that has been selected for its ability to completely absorb any excess light. By making this stray light invisible, contrast and brightness are visibly heightened, making your content appear neat and sharp.

Adaptive Twin Tension System for a Perfectly Flat Screen

Projection perfection can’t be achieved if your screen is wrinkled or creased. We’ve developed a tensioning system that guarantees a perfectly flat surface to increase your projector’s visual performance. The Two Stage Tensioning System is multi-directional: a frame tensioning system that anchors the screen at multiple points to the frame with equalization rods around the screen perimeter to evenly distribute tension.

Savour the Experience of Cinematic Perfection

The thrill of the the latest action movie. The seduction of a fine art-house classic. The chill of a creepy thriller. The art of the cinema is only truly known when you are able to let go of reality and slip into another world. Let the lights and sounds envelop you and transport you across time and space.


What is the Right Aspect Ratio / Format for you?

— 1:1 Square Format: This aspect ratio provides a perfectly squared screen format for overhead projectors (OHP) and is commonly used in Educational/Classroom environments.
Tip: Choose this format if you are using a native SVGA/XGA Projector and occasionally use an OHP or 1:1 slide projector for your presentations.
— 4:3 Video Format: This aspect ratio is the same as a standard television (Non-High Definition) or computer (SVGA, XGA, UXGA) resolution.
Tip:Select this format screen if you are using a native SVGA, XGA or UXGA projector for your presentations.
— 16:9 HDTV Format: This is the High Definition Television (HDTV) format and is the most widely used aspect ratio for the latest television designs.
Tip: Choose a 16:9 Projection Screen if you are planning to use it with a native 16:9 format projector.
— 16:10 PV Widescreen: This is the most popular aspect ratio for the latest WXGA or WUXGA notebooks.
Tip: Choose the 16:10 screen if you use a native wide screen notebook or wide XGA (UXGA) projector.
— 2.35:1 Widescreen Cinemascope format: This is perfect with the new anamorphic lenses on the market today.
Tip: Select this 2.35:1 format screen if your application is strictly home theater Cinemascope presentations. 2.35:1 and 16:9 are the most popular format for Home Cinema.
High Definition Format (16:9)
Cinema Scope Format (2.35:1)
*** Customized requirements are acceptable.


Screen Material Maintenance Care
Dust, dirt and scratches on the projection screen surface will affect the quality and performance of the projection image. Follow the instructions below to properly maintain the screen.

1. Materials needed: 2 Microfiber cloths and water.

2. Gently blot the area using a lightly dampened lint-free microfiber cloth with clear warm water. DO NOT rub.

3. Using the damp cloth, lightly wipe in an up and down motion starting at the left of the screen moving to the right of the screen. DO NOT WIPE IN CIRCULAR MOTION.

4. To clean a stubborn stain or a sticky surface, spray a solution of equal parts Formula 409 and warm water onto a lint-free microfiber cloth. DO NOT SPRAY THE SCREEN MATERIAL DIRECTLY.


**If Heavily soiled (marked permanently): Unfortunately you may NOT use any solution to clean the surface as it will damage the screen. If there is a mark, it is permanent.

• You can NOT repair a screen if it is torn.



Projector Placement for Angular-Reflective Screen

Please use the following installation instructions to obtain superior optical performance from the ALR (Ambient Light Rejecting) Screen.

  • Angular-Reflective material is not compatible with ultra/short-throw projectors
  • Minimum lens throw ratio 1.5x image width
  • Ambient light must not come from the same direction as the projector

Projector Ceilling Installation: Make sure the projector (light in ) is angled (A) to (B) at the mirror-opposite angle (light out) to align with the viewer's eye level.

Projector Table Top: Make sure the projector ( light in) is angled (A) to (B) at the mirror-opposite angle ( light out) to align with the viewer's eys level.

Since angular-reflective means that the projected image will reflect at the mirror-opposite angle, it is important to position the projector so that the viewer will get the best possible image.

  • Step 1: Establish the general “eye level” of the viewers
  • Step 2: Set the appropriate projection level
  • Step 3: Adjust the screen height level and projection angle

Input Angle (A) = Output Angle (B) aligns with the viewer’s angle


Note: Improper installation will result in light loss and produce a dark image. This is due to the projector's light reflecting in the wrong direction.



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3.The warranty is not available once the items are damaged by improper use.


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Also, if you are satisfied with the product after you receive and check it, please give us a 5 star feedback, which will help other people know the product more.

Appreciate your kind feedback and support.

Manufacturer's warranty:
1. The company provides two-year free warranty service for the products sold. That is, within two years, due to the product itself material defects or design defects caused by the damage, can be replaced for free.(within one year, the product is not working properly or the damage has been seriously affected by the viewing, and can be replaced free of charge. After one year, the replacement will be at a cost.)
2.The motors in all of the screens we sell are available with a five-year free warranty.
3. Within one week after sales, if the product is seriously affected by quality problems, the product may be returned or replaced, provided that the product appearance is free from any damage and the package is complete; We promise to complete the return and replacement procedures within two working days after receiving the returned products.(except holidays).
4.If the product is in good condition without any damage, we do not support returns.
5. Provide corresponding technical support and technical cooperation for the products sold, and guarantee to respond within 24 hours (except holidays).
6. The product damage or other reasons not caused by our company are not included in our free replacement:
(1)Improper installation, resulting in product damage.
(2) Voltage mismatch
(3) Not in accordance with the operation manual caused by improper use
(4) Maintenance or alteration not authorized by the company
(5)Fail to provide proper working environment
(6) Due to user secondary transport caused by the product damage
(7)Damage in the event of natural disasters and accidents, such as: floods, fires, humans, etc.
The above guarantee shall have the same legal effect on each user. Other rights may only apply to specific customers due to changes in the country or region.

Additional information

Brand Name








Screen Type

Frame Screen



Model Number




Product name

Long throw ALR fixed frame screen

Screen material


Projection Type

Front projection

Screen design

Thin Bezel Fixed Frame

Screen surface




Viewing angle


Screen material color

Dark Grey


8K / 4K


5 Years manufacturer warranty



Recommend projector

Short/Middle/Long focus projector

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